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Is a crucial step in the vessel buying process, as it helps the buyer identify potential issues, estimate the cost of necessary repairs, and negotiate the purchase price based on the vessel's actual condition. The report begins with an introduction and a description of the vessel, including its main particulars obtained from various onboard plans and documents provided by the vessel Master/Chief Engineer. We conduct surveys in the bridge navigation and communication equipment, vessel accommodation, hull, main deck areas, cargo holds ballast tanks, chain Lockers, Deck Store Rooms, engine room, and safety fire-fighting Equipment. Finally, we prepare an unbiased report that reflects our observations and findings from the conducted inspection.


We examine the hull, deck, and holds superstructure for any visible damage, or signs of wear, corrosion, or structural issues. and the condition of interior spaces, including cabins and general cleanliness. and verification of the condition of navigation equipment such as GPS, radar, and communication systems, and we inspect the safety equipment, including life-saving appliances and firefighting equipment. Lastly, we check the valuation of the engine(s), propulsion system, and auxiliary machinery.

SUPERVISION LOADING/ DISCHARGING OPERATION & SAMPLING The purpose of this survey is to ensure that the vessel and its cargo are handled by industry standards, safety regulations, and contractual agreements. The survey helps to verify the condition of the cargo by monitoring the loading /discharging process to ensure compliance with stowage plans verifying the quantity and quality of the cargo being loaded, and recording any irregularities or issues observed during the operation


A vessel draft survey is a method used to calculate the weight of materials being loaded/discharged from a vessel, barge, or terminal. LMS offers vessel draft and barge gauging survey services and provides an independent draft and gauge survey report. During a draft survey, our experienced and highly qualified staff conduct measurements to determine the weight of materials being loaded or unloaded. we carefully consider key factors throughout the process. These factors include the water density of the sea, river, or waterway in which the vessel is operating, changes in ballast quantity, variations in the vessel's consumables (such as fuel oil and drinking water) between initial and final draft readings, and adjustments for trim, list, and deformation using data from the vessels draft tables.


STS and BQS operations are conducted by applicable regulations, and best practices to mitigate risks and safeguard the environment, ensure the accuracy of the quantities stated on the bunker delivery notes (BDN), and avoid any discrepancy in quantities between the supplier and charterer/owner of the ship. On/off-hire surveys are conducted just before a vessel is delivered or re-delivered to a charterer/owner, these surveys provide a clear understanding of the vessel's condition during these crucial times, helping to establish responsibility between the ship owner and the charterer.


We conduct scrap quality and quantity survey services to ensure that the ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap meet the required quality standards and contractual obligations. Our survey provides you with independent and professional surveys and thorough inspections, of the condition of scrap with daily reporting for qualities and quantities.


we investigate and determine the root causes of the damage, considering factors such as accidents, collisions, grounding, structural failures, fire, water ingress, or other relevant incidents. Our experts analyze available evidence, including witness statements, vessel logs, maintenance records, and visual inspections, to establish a comprehensive understanding of the damage caused.

HEAVY LIFT SUPERVISION SURVEY The primary goal of our inspection is to ensure that the heavy lift cargo is loaded, transported, and unloaded safely and securely, minimizing the risk of damage to the cargo and maintaining the stability of the vessel or the trailer truck or container by Considering the weight distribution during the operation and Inspection of the lashing and securing arrangements to ensure they comply with industry standards and regulations.

PRE-SHIPMENT SURVEY We conduct a pre-shipment inspection survey to ensure that your products meet the required quality and quantity standards and contractual obligations. Our survey provides you with independent and professional verification of various aspects, including the packing, and loading of your shipments. and reporting any irregularities, damages, or issues observed during the operation.


Our dry bulk port captaincy services offer a comprehensive range of tasks to ensure efficient cargo operations such as loading/discharging, supervision, cargo condition, and communications between the foreman/stevedores, and vessel crew. and managing bunkering operations, draft surveys, cargo hold inspections, pre-shipment surveys, vessel stability, and regularly updating clients. By performing these tasks diligently, we aim to provide reliable and comprehensive dry bulk survey services, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of cargo.

INTERNAL AUDITS ISM / ISPS / MLC We offer Internal Audit ISM/ISPS/MLC services to ensure the effectiveness of the Safety Management System implemented on a ship or within a shipping company, the safe operation of ships, and the prevention of pollution, security requirements such as drills, exercises, and ship/port security, and addressing seafarers' working and living conditions.

DELIVERY AND REDELIVERY INSPECTION. The delivery and redelivery surveys are crucial for establishing the vessel's condition at the beginning and end of a charter period. These surveys help ensure transparency, compliance with contractual agreements, and a smooth transition between the shipowner and charterer. The process involves collaboration between the shipowner, charterer, and surveyors to facilitate a thorough and accurate assessment.